About Us

Alta Arts Collective

We are a new collective of artists making art accessible in our communities and providing a platform to recognize local artisans in Pasadena and Altadena. There is a long and rich history of the arts in Pasadena and Altadena, with many museums, schools, and cultural institutions and organizations. There are some galleries as well, although not as many as in its heyday. Multitudes of talented artists live and work in the area yet aren’t widely known by local residents.

We aim to foster a community of artists and residents who appreciate the arts and will offer a more personal experience and connections through studio tours and other activities in the local area.

To foster a vibrant and inclusive artistic community that celebrates camaraderie, and collaboration.

We strive to be the catalyst for artistic expression, creating a supportive environment where artists thrive. We aspire to establish our artist collective as a respected and influential force, inspiring creativity, and fostering connections within and beyond our community. Through our collective efforts, we aim to inspire and engage the local community by providing opportunities for artists to showcase their work, interact with audiences, and exchange ideas. Our vision extends beyond the confines of traditional gallery spaces, as we aim to bring art to unexpected places, making it accessible to all. We plan to organize art tours, showcases and events. These platforms provide exposure to a wider audience, including enthusiasts, curators and potential buyers.

     Camaraderie: Social and Emotional Well-being – Isolation is a common challenge for artists, especially when working independently; we learned from COVID disadvantages of isolation. The camaraderie we aspire to cultivate can provide a social support system, reducing feelings of isolation and promoting well-being. Sharing experience, discussing ideas, and participating in group activities foster a sense of belonging and can enhance mental and emotional health.

     Community: Being part of the collective means you will have a built-in support system. Fellow artists understand the challenges and triumphs of the creative process, offering a sense of community that can boost your motivation and confidence. The collective’s reputation and combined efforts can create opportunities for artists to reach new markets, establish connections in the community and gain visibility within the local art scene.

     Collaboration: Collaboration is a key aspect of the artist collective. It opens doors to collaborate with other talented artists, sharing skills and knowledge. Joint efforts may also lead to larger-scale exhibitions and events that individual artists might find difficult to achieve alone.

Meet Our Team


Finance, Legal, Administration

SukiMoonPie, is a Community Organizer, Event Planner, Self-taught Photographer, Muralist, and Mixed Media Artist.

Suki currently works at Sycamores, a local mental health agency. She is the Housing Manager for the Transitional Age Youth Programs. She has worked in the field of community based mental health services for 30 years; the past 24 years have been at Sycamores.

Nina Ehlig

Director of Talent and PR
Nina’s 30 year career in the wholesale/retail business with Genuine Parts Company, parent to “NAPA Truck & Auto Parts” has earned her a wide range of skills.
These skills have allowed her to experience many different types of responsibilities in the areas of managing & supervising large teams in training programs, marketing conferences, inventory control, store remodels and location moves. As well as being responsible for multi-million dollar product sales to store owners.
Since leaving corporate her expertise and passion have allowed her to start her own art based business which she has been operating for 18 years. 

Annie Marini-Genzon
Member at Large

Web Assistant

Annie Marini- Genzon is an artist and educator. In Argentina, she graduated with a BFA and an MFA at the National University of the Arts UNA. She continued her education in visual arts at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and UCSD, University of California San Diego, where she completed her master’s degree in Gifted Education.

She taught in Public and independent schools Barker College, The Waldorf School, The Mirman School for Gifted Children, and The Chandler School.

Annie continues working in Painting and Sculpture and showing in solo and group shows; she is represented by galleries in California and Arizona.

Ellen Stern Kutza
Member at Large

Facebook Content

Born in St. Louis, Ellen began painting watercolors at age 10. She credits her grandmother for igniting the spark of creativity within her. “As a child I was very influenced by my grandma who was an oil painter. I’d sit and watch her paint for hours. It was so inspiring.

Ellen studied with many of the great watercolorists including Tom Fong, Charles Reid, Joseph Stoddard, Robert E Wood and Milford Zornes. Additionally, she graduated from Platt College of Graphic Design, creating a 40 ft. mural at the Los Angeles County Fair, had work displayed at the Brand Library in Glendale, as well as creating colorful illustrations for the book The Magic Stick. Possessing the true soul of an artist, she finds inspiration everywhere.

Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey
Member at Large


Dr. Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey is an abstract artist, transformational coach for creatives, author, podcaster, and organizational psychologist with a passion for helping creatives design life on their terms.

The heart of her work beats at the intersection of leadership development, creativity, and wellness. Through her 5-step framework, she empowers individuals to ‘paint their path’. Through her various events like Employee to Creative Entrepreneur and The Creative Abundant Leadership Summit, Clarissa has helped thousands of aspiring creative entrepreneurs experience their own breakthroughs, helping them to design their next chapter outside corporate.

Irene Bouzas
Member at Large

Graphic Design

Irene Bouzas is a native to Southern California. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Graphic Communications from California State University of Los Angeles. Irene has been engaged professionally as a Graphic Designer for more than 30 years.

She developed a passion for watercolors because of their vibrancy, as well as explored other modalities of the creative expression. Her inspiration comes from the idea of glimpses of other realities as express through music, poetry, and art.

Raven Varian
Member at Large

Technology Assistant
Raven has studied computer hardware and software starting at a very young age, making him very skilled in computer repair and operations. He is able to use Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms as well as most major software suites with the ability to quickly learn how to use almost any new software presented to him.

He currently continues to study computer hardware and software as well as expanding further into other facets of technology, he also does freelance computer repair, custom computer builds, and home network deployments. As an artist, he dabbles in graphic design and writing by utilizing his technological skills to enable him to operate the software needed to be able to achieve his artistic goals.