Frequently Asked Questions

1. What inspired the formation of this art collective?
A multitude of talented artists live and work in the area yet aren’t widely known by the residents. We want to foster a community of artists and residents who appreciate the arts and will offer a more personal experience and connections through art tours and other activities in the local area.

2. What is the overall vision or mission of the collective?
To foster a vibrant and inclusive artistic community that celebrates camaraderie, and collaboration.

3. What are the goals or aspirations of the collective in the short-term and long-term?
We aspire to establish our artist collective as a respected and influential force, inspiring creativity and fostering connections within and beyond the community.  We plan to organize art tours, show-cases, and events.

4. What types of projects or exhibitions has the collective been involved in previously?
ALTA Arts Collective launched May 2023.  We organized a Mini Tour that included 10 artists at three locations.  August 11th, 2023 is our debut to the community.  We are organizing our first full ALTA Art Tour in October 2023.

5. How is the collective funded?
The launch of ALTA is being funded by the leadership team.  ALTA is an unpaid, volunteer team of artists and professionals giving their time and expertise for the love of art and the ALTA mission. Future events will be funded by the participation fees collected and sponsorships.

6. How are fees and monies collected used?

All funds collected are directed to the collective to support website hosting, permits and insurance when applicable; fees such as direct pay, vendors bank fees, taxes, advertising; and promotional materials including postcards, signage, etc., and hosting events.

7. Are there any upcoming events or projects the collective is currently working on?
Our first event scheduled for 2023 is the ALTA Art Tour scheduled for October 14th and 15th. Details about the tour will be provided in the presentation and on the website.

8. How do you welcome new artists into the collective?
Artists are encouraged to apply to “Call to Artists” as they are announced. Announcements will be made via our newsletter, email lists and community partners’ newsletters.

9. What does a membership look like?
ALTA will not require membership at this time. Our primary focus is on building a strong founda-tion, and establishing our mission. As we grow and evolve, we will periodically reassess member-ship requirements to ensure it aligns with the needs and goals of ALTA.

10. Are non-refundable fees refundable?
There is no fee to apply for the upcoming tour. The participation fee paid by the Artists is non-re-fundable under normal circumstances, the once paid remains non-refundable except in the case of:
     • Unforeseen circumstances that prevent the Event from taking place as scheduled. The Event Organizer may, at their discretion, reschedule the Event in such instances.
      Genuine Emergency. We understand that personal emergencies may arise including but not limited to Covid 19 related illness; we will make exceptions in such cases.

11. If there is another pandemic, will my non-refundable fee be returned to me?

12. How many artists and locations will the ALTA Arts Tour have in October?
45 artists will be juried, and 15 host locations will be selected for the October ALTA Art Tour. The 45 artists include those hosting at the 15 locations.

13. Is ALTA Arts Collective a 501(c)(3)?
While we are not currently a 501(C)(3) organization, it is indeed one of our long-term goals. We recognize the importance and benefits that come with obtaining such status, including increased opportunities for fundraising and participation.

14. How does Alta Arts Collective promote the events and individual artists?
We will promote the Tour artists on our website and newsletter, social media platforms, sponsor-ships, partnerships, and by the ALTA Arts Team and the participating artists and vendors. Each artist will have one artwork picture, a short bio, and contact information posted on the website for two years.

15. Can I join the Alta Arts Collective Team?
Anyone interested in joining the ALTA Arts Team, can email us at [email protected], we will contact you and discuss opportunities available for additional team members. As the collective evolves, we will establish a vetting process at which time details will be available on our website.

16. What am I getting for the participation fee?
• Inclusion of artwork photo and your profile on our website for two years.
• During the tour, an online interactive map will guide visitors to the locations with turn-by-turn directions.
• Social media and print campaign exposure. Promotions on Facebook and Instagram will include and feature your artwork photos and your bio.
• We will provide printed and digital postcards to all artists and lawn signs for all locations.
• Liability insurance against damage caused by artwork to visitors.